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I help organizations, campaigns, and thought leaders build a better world. Below is some of how I do that. Want to work together? Send me a line.

Creative Problem Solving

Move forward. Get to the next level.  


  • Innovative strategy design interventions

  • Opportunity assessment facilitation

  • Negotiation training

  • Crisis communications



Branding & Strategy

Create something awesome. Break through the noise.


  • Multi-platform campaign creation

  • Supporter engagement strategy

  • Creative storytelling

  • Digital fundraising

  • Media training


Public Speaking

Transformative civic engagement to create new worlds: What LGBT rights, the Obama ‘08 campaign, and the Texas women’s health filibuster in 2013 teach us about social change


The role of community & policy in the American Dream: What I learned by going from homelessness to Harvard

Additional topics: Social change efforts in hard fights, the importance of culture in social justice work, LGBT rights, homelessness and foster care youth, community care and spiritual leadership as social justice weapons

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