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Tanene Allison has over fifteen years experience as a political and communications strategist, alchemist of social change in harsh political fights, writer, filmmaker, policy wonk, organizer, negotiator, and conjurer of new worlds.


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Tanene began her political career by holding public office while living in a homeless shelter as a teenager. She earned her BA at San Francisco State while working at non-profits, engaging in grassroots organizing, and serving in local government. A fan of the alliteration of “homeless to Harvard,” Tanene went on to attend Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for her Masters in Public Policy. While at Harvard, she focused on negotiation, political leadership, and communications.

Some of the things she’s proud to have done in the world include: Fighting on the legislative and organizing frontlines of the early marriage equality fight, coordinating MTV's social and political coverage, organizing religious and community groups in the push to pass healthcare reform, producing documentary videos and films focused on social justice, coordinating the magic that was the Texas women’s health filibuster of 2013 and turning that into a worldwide news story, serving as the communications director for Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, helping a mighty little land trust protect public lands in the California desert, writing poetry documentaries about the historic times we live in, and raising the most handsome rescue mutt you've ever seen.

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